Superstarz Business Network is

Business Networking for the 21st  Century


At SuperStarz Business Network, our fundamental philosophy is “members first”. We believe it’s essential for you to always feel welcome, involved and empowered


• Where professional business SuperStarz  meet each week

• Members learn new technologies to tell the world about our businesses!

• Fellow members are your SuperStarz sales team, driving new business to you!

• Become part of SuperStarz highly successful and loyal membership

• Business professionals helping other business professionals succeed

• Ongoing member training

• Only one member in each business category per branch location

• Social media and networking training

• Complete Member listing with photo on SuperStarz website

• Sales solution training

• Professionally produced video of you and your business on website

• Public speaking training

• Several ways to pass and receive new business

• Member exclusive intra-network opportunities


SuperStarz is recognized as the preeminent small business and professional networking organization.


SuperStarz is a new, different, and exciting type of business leads or networking organization.


We believe in a structured meeting environment as most others do. But this is only 60-90 minutes of each members work week, not nearly enough to expect the great results typically promised. We believe each member must be able to continue our program of more business contacts and increasing sales throughout the rest of their business week. It's not just thinking about who to give leads to or get leads from for a couple of hours.


We are however, not the old school business networking group from 20 or 30 years ago that is still found in most communities and relies almost exclusively on the once weekly, face-to-face meeting to pass business leads to one another. We are the new, 21st century business generating, networking organization that believes in utilizing all the fabulous tools now available for business for today's modern, fast paced world.


Our members not only exchange hot business leads in our weekly meetings but also are trained on the use and advantages of the exploding Social Networking environment that each of us should be utilizing in our daily business activities. We pass hot business leads between members while these leads are hottest. For good or bad, the world of new business opportunities today moves far too quickly to wait up to a week to find out that someone may be interested in your products or services.


We are all about our members. Our objective is to help each grow personally, professionally, and financially. Unlike the typical old school networking groups, we listen to, in fact we solicit input from our members on how we can improve our services and help each member become more successful. We are built on our members and continue to grow with their successes.


We are not looking to just add members into each branch as other organizations do; we are interested in those business and sales professionals who are SuperStarz in their field or believe they have what it takes to become a SuperStar. We are not interested in simply growing the number of members in each branch but to add top quality professionals that all other members can rely on as the finest in their trade.





The first SuperStarz branch was launched in Huntington Beach, California in October 2011. Now, SuperStarz has branches throughout southern California.  It is anticipated that this substantial growth in membership and new branches will continue throughout the foreseeable future.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to turn success-oriented business people into strong teams of networking professionals, working to grow their businesses through relationship building and business referrals.  Our relationship marketing coupled with media training is the smarter, effective way of doing business in the 21st century.


Value Statement

SuperStarz Business Network is a world class organization geared towards helping create new opportunities for companies while also driving new business to the other network members.  SuperStarz Business Network has proven itself highly successful by helping companies build loyal and lasting relationships with local professionals.  SuperStarz is business networking the way it should be.



Participating in the weekly meetings is a must. Involvement in branch activities and planning is the best way to bring additional attention to your business and be part of the success of your branch. What you get out of your SuperStarz experience is directly proportionate with what you put into it. Be involved, don't just attend, and remember— SuperStarz always stand up and stand out.

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