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SuperStarz Policies


Each member of SuperStarz BN is expected to meet certain minimum requirements and adhere to the policies in order to retain their membership in good standing.

It is of the utmost importance to understand that attendance and participation are the key elements to success in SuperStarz BN. Members must be seen and provide quality information on their business and what makes their best customers in order for other members to provide quality business leads.




Attendance Requirements


"80% of success is showing up." —Woody Allen


Weekly attendance is a must in order to take full advantage of your SuperStarz membership. If you are not here, networking and giving your commercial, no one is thinking about you. Equally important, you are not passing business to your fellow SuperStarz. Your Board of Directors has decided to put into writing what has always been our general rule for attendance. This is now our stated policy.


Members are expected to attend each weekly meeting. Of course, most everyone will have the need to miss from time to time, vacation, personal commitment, emergency, etc. that is understandable and certainly acceptable.


Our rule is that each member is expected to be present or represented at least 80% of our meetings. What that actually means is, there are 52 weeks in the year; we will typically be dark 3-4 weeks each year during Christmas week, New Years week, Thanksgiving, etc. That leaves 48 weeks of meetings. That means that attendance at about 38 meetings a year is required by you or your substitute. In other words, you could miss one meeting every month and still be well within the rules. Also, on occasion, a knowledge substitute could attend to represent you and your business while still maintaining your attendance record. This should be limited to no more than once a month at the most.


Simply stated, this comes down to you committing to personally being at your SuperStarz meeting at least one half of the weeks each year. We also ask that you not be absent for more than three consecutive weeks at any time.


[Attendance policy established 7-1-12]




Passing Business Leads


While it is expected that each member will pass at least one new business lead each week, there is no specific requirement. With the many different ways leads may be passed between members and the need for timeliness of most leads, each SuperStarz member is on the honor system to provide strong support to their fellow members. Of course, the best way to insure that you are getting quality, hot leads is to be the one that is passing lots of new business opportunities to other members. Keep them thinking about and appreciating you.


Upon receiving a lead you should always acknowledge and thank the sender. It is the recipient's responsibility to track and report on business leads received and the dollar value of each.





Participating in the weekly meetings is a must. Involvement in branch activities and planning is the best way to bring additional attention to your business and be part of the success of your branch. What you get out of your SuperStarz experience is directly proportionate with what you put into it. Be involved, don't just attend, and remember— SuperStarz always stand up and stand out.


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